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Megan and Eric's Downtown Engagement Session

Megan and Eric's Downtown Engagement Session

Megan and Eric are getting married this fall. This is a photograph of their feet. Or goal is to give evidence of the relationship. 

Ashley and Nick Schwin Bicycle Engagement

Take a Schwin Stingray style Bike, a cute little girls bike and a newly engaged couple. Stir them up and find a photo of pairs of things that go together.

Megan and Eric's Downtown Engagement Session

We swung by Total Drag Records to grab a few photographs for these music lover's engagement session. The couple ended up buying a number of records while we were there.

Ashley and Nick Schwin Bicycle Engagement

More bicycle engagement love...

Carly and Joey Engagement Session

Let's get crazy. Let's get weird. Downtown Sioux Falls engagement session photos.

Paige and Brandon engagement session

While we were out and about, we stopped at Brandon's mom's quiet little bungalo for some cute porch pictures. We love to celebrate personal relationships in personal spaces.

Carly and Joey Engagement Session

Carly is so beautiful. That smile!!!!

More of Megan and Eric's engagement session

Sometimes during an engaement session we want to show movement and motion. How love feels. How a relationship feels. Relationships are not stagnet. There is a fluidity to them.

Ashley and Nick engagement session

Ashley and Nick wanted some photos with their puppy at their ceremony location near Wall Lake. Sometimes during engagement sessions, the guys just become background information. Look how beautiful Ashley is in this photo.

sets and pairs

In a relationship you find things in sets. From toothbrushes, to cell phones to shoes. We want to photograph the evidence of the relationship. The sets. The pairs. 

Ashley and Nick a show of who they are

We hope to celebrate what love looks like. Love looks like this. Laughter and silliness and fun. Cannot wait to spend a wedding day with these two.

a skateboard and a couple

What do we love more than photos of a great couple? An engagement photo that also includes a really thrashed skateboard.

Paige and Brandon Puddle Splashing

Paige has always loved her Wellies! Ever since she was a kid she had to seek out every puddle she could find. Which reminds us of this great albeit weird song by Cap'n Jazz: Puddlesplashers.


Seeing the joy in a couples face during an engagement session is a glimpse into their lives together.

A record of engagement

Megan and Eric shop for records, while I take photographs. Easy Peasey.

Paige and Brandon. Love at a skatepark.

Brandon owns a wharehouse skatepark. Paige tolerates it... Here we discover the two of them laying at the base of an 8' quarterpipe.

Carly and Joey the relationship photos

The way they look at each othe, that is all. 


File under honesty, truth and love.

Record shopping

We want to take this moment during Megan and Eric's engagement session to profess our love for vinyl records. Thanks Total Drag Records for letting us invade your space. 

Bike seats.

Relationships are like bike seats. They become most comfortable once they are broken in.


This face sleighs us. Can not wait for Ashley and Nick's wedding this fall.

Vintage Camera

We love to use vintage camera's in some of our engagement sessions. They make us nostalgic for the roots of photography. Here Carly discovers the aesthetic of a medium format camera while photographing Joey. This is our favorite Hassleblad Camera.


In three dimensions, lines lead our eyes in and out of the space. If only we could draw the lines that intersect the lives in the relationships that we hold so close. Carly and Joey get married this summer. The photographs that day will hopefully provide documention of one of the days where many lines will intersect their lives.

Paige and Brandon engagement session

Just a sweet portrait of these two.

Just hanging out.

A simple portrait of a couple in an interesting space.

Skateshop love

Brandon and Paige show us how they as a couple are serious. No fun at all.

Mallory and Joe engagement session

On the road under a canopy of trees we found Joe embracing Mallory. We also found a baby skunk that we intially thought was a little black squirrel until it turned around... So there is that. 

Urban Engagement

When a photographer asks the two of you to cram into a tiny little graffitti covered bathroom, you are allowed to say no. However if you do it without question you will receive really kick ass urban photographs of yourself. This urban is in Sioux Falls. Believe it.

Landscape Engagement

Sometimes it is as simple as putting a couple into the enviroment and letting mother nature do the rest. Except taking the photograph, we still have to do that, because unfortunately nobody taught mother nature how to operate a camera. 

Mallory and Joe engagement session

Mallory's peacefullness in this photo sleighs us.

Party of Three

Many of our clients have blended families. Capturing the relationship that they are making together is a huge part of photographing couples. 

Megan and Eric urban engagement session

Urban location, urban lighting, we love the backgrounds we find off the beaten path in Sioux Falls. There are photos to be made everywhere.

Relaxing at the end.

At the end of the engagement session Brandon and Paige wind down on what might be a questionably dirty couch at Siouxerskatepark in Sioux Falls.