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Amazing Flowers

Amazing Flowers

Stunning flowers placed on a cool modern background at The Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Sioux Falls.

Beautiful earrings

Cool earings and bracelets make our day!

Engagement announcement

A custom announcements and invitations can set the tone for your party! Carly and Joey's was well designed and reflected their personalities.

A beautiful set.

Picing the right dress might also mean picking the right accessory. Check out this beautiful shawl.

Badgley Mischka shoes

In Sioux Falls we occasionally get to see these gems! Oh to die for some killer shoes!!!

Cool Shoes

Some of the only shoes we have seen with graphics on the bottom. However long the graphics lasted, they looked kick ass when she put the shoes on!

Wedding Invites

A cohesive plan for your wedding announcements provides a beautiful tone for your wedding day.

Clutch Purse.

A simple statement to hold your belongings. 

Modern shoes and records.

A modern man wears a great suit and shoes, he also listens to vinyl!


A close up of some beautiful color. 


Sioux Falls, DIY Bride.

Shiny Shoes

We loved these beauties! And this yellow chair.

A shawl for a blustery day.

Some times those fall weddings in the midwest can get a little chilly. Our bride Molly used this cute little shawl to cut the wind!

Shoes with jewels

Bride Molly prepared herseslf in their new home. The background of personal furniture in a personal space provides detail photographs with an extra edge of personality.

Window lit jewels

A little natural light on these shiney pieces.

Wedding Shoes

Hand stitched love

A hand stitched heart in her father's memory. A unique and personal way to carry him with her down the aisle. 

Cool Jewelry

This is a classy traditional jewelry combination.

Flowers and Chairs

The colors boast. 

Beautiful Dress

Tricia's dress was stunning. She got ready in one of the beautiful suites at the downtown Hilton Garden Inn. These rooms like this dress, are amazing!

Custom Programs

Royal blue stiched programs.


Soft pinks and Ivory roses make this bouqet subtle and beautiful.


Simple clean dress

In the moments leading up to the first look, this dress waits to be put into action. It's simple lines and the addition of clean shoes made Paige's stunning ensemble come together.


eclectic jewels

Unique and hand made jewelry add class to and stlye that are all yours!

Clean shoes

Feel good and look great in a pair of delicate Toms!

Custom cuff links.

For the groom who has a nick name like King Kobra, or a strange hobby or collection, these are a must have!

A dress with details.

Jewels add some class to an amazing dress!

Jewels and Shoes

Make a statement with you accessories! Tera killed it with these boots man!

A heart.

another view of this great little tribute piece.

Shoes and Jewels

clean polished concrete floors offer a great background to let these shoes and jewels stand out!