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If only every guy who walked through the door could pull off a fitted suit like Christian! 

Retro Audio

Listen to music. That is all.


Lines receeding.

A tip of the hat.

Cross processed punch of color. File under gritty senior portraits.

simple gray

Simple gray backdrop and black and gray attire.

Don't stop the music

Playing guitar is the coolest.


A classic Black and White portrait. 


We've know Jacob for a long time. It's been fun to watch him grow into an elite defensive lineman!

More black and white.

Hig contrast direct lighting create some of our favorite black and white portraits.


It's almost as if we inserted him into a perspective drawing. We love this spot.

Street Style.

Aged roll up door reminds us of shop fronts in NYC.


This dark portrait reflects a peice of his personality.

On the road again.

We love to find rarely used or abandoned roads. They create lines and interest for us. 


Findong some industrial design elements.


This spot is very hard to find. We came upon it by accident one day. Great shadows and interesting pathways.


An 80's wedding tux? Sure thing, bring that bad boy along. 

Cross Process

Dynamic color with denim and concrete. 

Classic modern.

A cool mid century chair and some simple colors make this image stand out to us.


Not all portraits are created equal. Tell the story with some details as well. I ordered this in a 12x12 canvas for his mom.


This jacket really topped off this outfit. Smart beyond his years.


Going for that classy 1950's baseball asthetic.

more six string.

Found a random spot with a bright aged background. Perfect.

Color and contrast.

We love to find hints and elements of the color palette.


Rarey do I encourage such an abuse of color. But this plaid shirt is the bee's knees.


Another great image with this chair. It's like the thing can do no wrong.