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 Punk Camera Photo Collage

Punk Camera Photo Collage

A collage from a photo of our friend Shawn from the bands Blood Drugs and Absolute Monarchs on Good to Die Records.

Tim, Laura, an ocean and the sky collage art

The oceans and the skies and what is in between.

A photo of a cat.

Katrina from Fresh Produce now deceased kitty.

Ted Heeren as a Jackalope

Ted Hereen of Fresh Produce and Rock Garden Tour as his own mascot. A Jackalope.

A girl, the form. A TTV portrait

Another abstracted TTV portrait through the viewfinder of an old camera. Celebrating femininity and form.

Punk Submarine Photo Collage

Simple. A collage of a punk and a submarine.

Tim and Laura, Idaho love book collage

Who is in the book in the forest. Where lovers meet to find solitude and touch.

TTV Photo of musician Tim Jewell

Tim Jewell from Union Grove Pickers in a TTV photo shot threw a cool old camera.

Sophia Collage

A combination of borrowed images and multiple exposures to create this 1 off custom portrait of our friend Sophia.